Rafters float right by The Kern River House at Big Daddy Rapids!

Whitewater Rafting on Kern River

Howdy from Kernville, where adventure awaits at every bend of the Kern River!  As June brings warmer temperatures, the river offers thrilling whitewater rafting adventures. Enjoy the cool water amidst the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountain scenery for an unforgettable experience.

Renowned for its challenging rapids and breathtaking views, whitewater rafting on Kern River caters to adventurers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker craving Class V rapids or looking for a more mellow ride, there’s a stretch of the river just for you.

To guide you through this excursion, Kernville is your home base for reputable outfitters such as Sierra South Mountain Sports and Whitewater Voyages. Sierra South, a local favorite, offers a range of guided rafting trips tailored to different skill levels, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Their team of experienced guides navigates the rapids and shares their knowledge of the river’s history and ecology, adding depth to your journey.

Similarly, Whitewater Voyages provides an array of rafting excursions, from family-friendly trips to adrenaline-pumping rides through the heart of the Kern River’s rapids. With a focus on safety and personalized service, Whitewater Voyages guarantees an adventure of a lifetime, where every twist and turn of the river unveils new wonders to behold.

Along with riding the rapids, there are many other sights to see on your river trip:

    • Pictographs (paintings on stone using natural pigments) by Indigenous tribes that are visible only to river riders on the lower Kern River
    • Great blue heron – legend is if you see one on a rafting trip, it’s good luck!
    • Rare bald eagle or bobcat sighting
    • Freshwater turtles and beavers
    • Springtime owl family nesting on the lower Kern River
    • Riverside, free-range cows
    • Native Cottonwood flowers floating alongside you
    • Remnants of the rich, local mining history
    • Rock jumping spots into the river
    • Views of the local hot springs
    • Best of all, you pass right by The Kern River House at “Big Daddy” rapids!

Planning Tips:

    • The whitewater rafting season on Kern River is typically from May – September. But this depends on California precipitation which can vary wildly from year to year. Make sure to call ahead to know what to expect.
    • Discuss the best route for your day on the water with your whitewater rafting outfitter. Explore your options for a good fit.
    • Choose a licensed, local rafting outfitter. The river requires a safe and knowledgeable guide.

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